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We are proud members of the British Dog Groomers Association

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Grooming is carried out at our Smug Oak Lane Centre in Bricket Wood.

Located within a quiet woodland setting with heating and air conditioning. We are fully insured, qualified & accredited to look after all types of dog.

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About Us

At Dogtastic, all of the facilities and services provided bring unique experiences to dogs and their owners, offering luxury, learning and pampering. With so much space available, Dogtastic is designed to be a dog’s dream.

The building is in a secure compound with CCTV coverage, and the entire site is gated to ensure your beloved pet can get the exercise and play they need in safe surroundings.

All breeds of dog are welcome at Dogtastic: we can even cater for your puppy or your nervous and difficult dog. We aim to socialise your dog and keep them happy and active - just how a dog should be!

Wherever you are in St Albans, Radlett, Bricket Wood or the surrounding areas, contact us today for more information or to book your dog into our premier facilities.

Meet Us

Lesley Preston

I have been involved with dogs all my life. Mum and Dad were always bringing home strays which we either kept or found homes for. At that time dogs used to roam the streets and there were always puppies, mostly mongrels, being abandoned. For the last 30 years I have been been owning dogs and have worked with a lot of trainers to gain experience in dealing with rescues. I have also studied animal psychology.

Recently I took on a rescue who had been in four different foster homes in as many months - a lovely dog but she had been a street dog for approximately five years. The previous fosters had done their best with her but a street dog from abroad is a different kettle of fish from your 'home grown' rescue, and needed someone who had worked extensively with rescues from abroad. I was lucky enough to have been told about a local lady, who not only had a 'wild' dog from abroad, but was a trainer who had helped other people with rescues.

My dog Mia had problems with coming into the house once she went out (she had not lived in a home before coming to England) and was used to being chased away. She had not been on a lead and therefore had lead aggression (towards other dogs, not humans) she lunged at cars and barked continuously in the garden at the dogs on the other side of the fence. Even though I was experienced, I knew that this dog needed specialist training. Within two sessions the trainer had gotten all of these problems under control. I now have a lovely, gentle dog that I can take out for walks and who will not be returned to the rescue centre.

I have a passion and commitment for helping dogs and in particular, rescues. It's heartbreaking how many have to go back to rescue centres, this could so easily be avoided if the right advice was given by someone coming into the home and family environment quickly. This is why we set up the Training centre at Bricket Wood and the reason we offer a free, no obligation home assessment to see whether your new dog and family will benefit from training.

Rhian McLoughlin

Rhian started her passion for training and educating animals from a very young age. At the tender age of 7 she began junior handling with the Young Kennel Club and the Junior Handling Association, working her way up to champion status at many national shows including LKA and Crufts. Alongside this she regularly competed in both show jumping and showing all types of horses. Through this she realised the importance of communication and training for animals.

With diploma’s in Animal behaviour, welfare and management, veterinary nurse training, and over 15 years showing and handling dogs to championship level and status. Rhian has vast experience dealing with all types of dogs. From young dogs showing at Crufts, to dealing with aggressive and difficult patients in clinics, she has encountered them all.

Currently intertwining her studies for Veterinary physiotherapy in both equine and canine studies, she also regularly competes and trains show and companion dogs. Rhian is available for all types of training needed. Whether it is for a new puppy or an older pet with behavioural issues, she has the answers and support for you.

Based upon calm and simple, non physical methods. With owner participation, Rhian can offer help with any type of canine behavioural problems. This can include basic obedience/training, destructive behaviours, lead control problems, socialisation and separation anxiety the list is endless. Her aim is to show owners there is help and guidance available in a home based environment and ongoing support accessible for all clients.

Image of Dogtastic's Rhian

Sue Grant

Sue passed her dog grooming course in London over 20 years ago. Dogs have always been her first love having been brought up surrounded by them. Regularly helping her mum, who had her own parlour, to prepare their standard poodles for dog shows across all counties in the UK, qualifying for Crufts every year.

Sue also owned GSD and regularly attended obedeince competitions after being trained personally by a retired top police dog handler.

Sue's Rules

  • Every dog or cat who comes to our parlour will be treated with love and respect
  • If the dog or cat is stressed or snappy, it is because they are frightened or had a bad experience and will be treated with extra time and love
  • The dogs well being will always come first
  • The dog is always right
  • If the dog does not like the dryer we will towel dry only, we will not stress the dog
  • We only use cages if requested or ABSOLUTELY necessary
  • Our clients are welcome to stay
  • 100% loving care guaranteed
  • All breeds welcome
We offer chauffeur service for all grooming clients

Our Training School and Grooming Salon is based in Bricket Wood

We also offer collection & return for all grooming clients.