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We are proud members of the British Dog Groomers Association

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  • Dog Salon:
  • Smug Oak Lane, Bricket Wood, St Albans, AL2 3PN

Grooming is carried out at our Smug Oak Lane Centre in Bricket Wood.

Located within a quiet woodland setting with heating and air conditioning. We are fully insured, qualified & accredited to look after all types of dog.

Visit our Woodland Retreat.

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For more information about any of our doggy related services, or to book your dog in for an appointment, contact us today via phone or e-mail. Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you. Please note that occasionally, replies can end up in your Junk or Spam folder so make sure to check them if you don't get a reply!

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Customer Testimonials

Sharon and her 2 Samoyeds

To all potential clients of Dogtastic...

Absolutely delighted with the grooming at Holywell Hill. It's an open plan and spacious grooming centre where you can see clearly how well the dogs are cared for and how happy everyone is.

I have had Samoyeds for over 20 years. The breeders guide states that they are an inherently difficult breed to train as they are highly intelligent (like most dogs) and single minded. I have rescued two males, the first of whom I struggled with on recall for over 5 years until we lost him to cancer, often doing a torchlight search to get him home.

This time I brought Louise in to help with with a 3 year old male Samoyed who came to me intact and full of attitude. He had never been socialised or let off a lead before I had him. Louise insisted I implement some changes around the home which at first seems trivial and unlikely to bring any significant changes to my dog's behaviour.

How wrong I was to be so discerning! My boy is like a changed dog. He is a pleasure to own now and I cannot thank Dogtastic enough for their help.

Lucy owner of 2 rescue street dogs

Louise has been amazing with my two dogs. I was in desperate need of help for my ex-Spanish street dog who doesn't always know how to greet a dog she meets in a nice manner and she has got worse as she's got older. I was told about Louise and Lesley and immediately got in touch. Well, let's just say I haven't looked back!

Louise came to my house to meet my girls and initially I just had her in mind for my Spanish dog, Inca. She is a GSD x Greyhound and 35k so not a small dog. Tall, leggy and enjoys giving verbal abuse to other dogs which looks and sounds horrific! Little did I know that when Louise arrived she thought my innocent looking Spaniel, Lolly, needed a bit of guidance as well. So we set to work. Within one week of our first session with Louise there was a substantial change in both my dogs. Inca (3yrs) was calming down A LOT, respecting my space and generally less anxious and Lolly was learning too.

Basically, we had to go back to basics with both dogs and remain absolutely consistent with everything. It means you really have to think about every little gesture and action you make with your dog but the results speak for themselves. If you do everything Louise advises and consistently, all your troubles melt away very quickly and you'll think "troubled dog? What troubled dog?"

Louise is worth her weight in gold as far as I am concerned. She is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about her field of expertise and just wants your dog to be happy and well balanced and for you to be happy with your dog. Inca is coming on leaps and bounds now and I'm not at all stressed when I take her out anymore. We are ALL far more relaxed. It's a huge relief.